Started in the year 1996, Kovilakam Chits has made its own name in the sector in the last decade or so. Governed by economically well advised and expert lead management and professional staff the institution can always boast of a sound financial background for its operations with 10 to 15 crores annual transactions to comply.
Referring to the customer satisfaction factor, Kovilakam Chits, which is situated in the heart of the thrissur city, caters to all financial needs of all kinds of people. The institute takes special attention to customer satisfaction as it has arranged facilities for collecting kuri installment amount daily,weekly or monthly basis at the subscribers discreet. Kovilakam Kuries provides the best customer satisfaction in the sector and one can find the same by checking the growth of the company.
Down the memory lane, Kovilakam stands synonym to victory. Apart from higher competition and low investments, dynamic service provided is a major compatible factor. Thus Kovilakam could well become the first, to secure the financial solutions internationally.
The successful termination of 21 kuris strengthens the foundation of Kovilakam. 1136 members were benefited by this 17 crore project. The total turnover points to be more than 73 crores. 50% of this amount has been closed by means of 'lucky draw and call'. At present the beneficiaries stands at a figure of 2137.
Now introducing a new kuri, Kovilakam optimistically expects more than 184 members in which the total turnover amounts to 21 crores and 16 lacs
Kovilakam means the sensation for success.…..
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